A New Dimension To Ultimate Health, No Fluff, Just Actions

Product Name: A New Dimension To Ultimate Health, No Fluff, Just Actions


Your body can either burn fat or store it.  It can not do both at the same time.  In order to burn fat you need to eat foods that encourage fat loss and reduce foods that make you store it.  This is largely down to the type of food you are eating and the response of your hormones. In particular insulin and glucagon.

​If you’re putting on weight and struggling to lose it despite your best efforts, chances are you’re eating the wrong foods and suffering from metabolic syndrome.  Cutting calories and eating low fat food isn’t the solution and only worsens your current problem. 

I understand your frustration as there’s lots of conflicting advice on diets and weight loss.  It’s difficult to know what to believe and what to do for the best.  What I can tell you from training clients, (mainly for fat loss) is that a lot of them have spent their adult life yo-yo-ing from one diet to another in search of the miracle solution.  Truth is there isn’t one.  

That was the reason behind me writing this ebook!  It’s a simple read containing 3 elements to consider before you implement a training plan:

The results will vary from person to person as no-one is the same, however, each client I’ve worked with thats used the above method has reduced their body fat, lost weight and improved their health…. For many it’s changed their life.

This ebook isn’t a diet, so if you’re looking for a start and end date to an eating plan, you won’t find that here.  I’m bringing to you a lifestyle that improves your health, improves body composition, boosts your energy and provides an understanding of how you process the food you eat.

Understanding your body type, accepting who you are and learning to love yourself again.

Gain an understanding of the 3 main food groups and the impact on your body.

You’re not going to live forever, but you can live well.

“Explains really well why eating clean is so important and how to maintain it through our daily life.  Fabulous recipe ideas to keep me motivated and on track. I’m a massive fan of the author and look forward to future books.” *

“This book is my bible and refer back to it often.  Sharon’s program has changed my life, I’m very grateful!  I knew nothing about nutrition and having someone collect all this info, create a book that is easy to read and learn what you need to know…. No fluff is just what I need to keep me informed and focused.  Thank you Sharon.” *

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“Very informative and lots or practical ideas. It’s made a huge difference to my eating! I don’t pick as much, don’t experience those sugar cravings or 3pm slumps and I’m never hungry.” *

“Sharon really knows her stuff, I’ve followed her advice and have lost 12lb in a month so far. I’m starting to feel a lot better about myself and feel a lot healthier” *

- Emma Stevenson

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